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Denture Care in the Parramatta Area

Restore your confidence and smile with our first class denture services at Sydney Dental Clinic in Parramatta. Whatever you need, we provide a full range of quality yet affordable denture care services including repair, denture relines, cleaning, new and replacement denture sets and more. We cater for the full spectrum, ensuring your dentures look and feel great for years to come.

Our denture services include:

Professional denture relines

If your current dentures have become loose over time due to changes in your mouth, we can reline them to improve their fit. Offering a while you wait service, we’ll remould your dentures to the shape of your mouth, ensuring optimum comfort and stability. While dentures last for a long period of time, we do recommend that your dentures are checked and relined on a regular basis.

New full and partial dentures

Don’t let teeth loss have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem. Whether you’re after partial or complete dentures, look no further than Sydney Dental Clinic. We take great pride in our work, giving you natural-looking teeth and dentures that fit to perfection. Our dentures are created onsite so there are no lengthy delays and can be created in either acrylic, gold or chrome cobalt to suit your budget or personal taste.

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